February 28, 2024 7:39 pm

Save Your Bitcoin, Buy with Dash

Why every Bitcoin user should consider Dash for payments!

Since 2009 when it launched the whole cryptospace, Bitcoin has retained the dominant user counts and brand recognition globally.

But since around 2016 (about two years after we showed up), it has struggled to be consistently useful for regular payments, digital cash. While Bitcoin has embraced developmental conservatism, Dash has aggressively pursued a progressive, pro-payments roadmap.

Today it stands as the single best form of digital cash: cheap, instant, secure, optionally confidential, and with an impressive repertoire of tools to use it in the real world. Bitcoin has doubled down as a savings technology, achieved legal tender status in some countries, and recently acquired many ETFs (including from @ValkyrieFunds, which we invested in early on through DashInvests).

It has, however, struggled with the everyday payments use case. The Lightning Network has received considerable development funding, and has achieved integrations into major exchanges. But its chief use case has been a custodian-to-custodian settlement network. Regular users, largely, aren’t running Lightning nodes, and when they are paying with it, they’re largely using it through custodial services like Wallet of Satoshi or Exodus. Those two just got banned from US customers!

Other payment solutions, like Blockstream’s Liquid network, have significant trust and custody trade-offs. Something we don’t have. Bitcoiners seeking to spend their money in a decentralized, trust-minimized way, while still enjoying a smooth, “it just works” experience, should seriously consider using Dash.

We have no custodians, no pre-loading channels, no capacity limits, no waiting on final settlement, no trust elements, and no massive fees. Just digital cash, as Satoshi intended. Those who buy and save in Bitcoin to achieve financial sovereignty shouldn’t have to deal with a complex mess of second-layers and custodians just to use their decentralized money. They can use Bitcoin as their savings account, Dash as their checking.

So how do you do this?ย ย 

  1. Get a Dash wallet
  2. Use a Maya Protocol interface to swap some Bitcoin to Dash with the receiving address that of the wallet (THORWallet and El Dorado are great for this)
  3. Sign up for Spritz Finance here to pay all bills,ย Alternatively, sign up for Swapin, which has greater global coverage for bills.
  4. Sign up for Bitrefill for regular small spending Spend on regular goods and services! Maybe swap over once per month the spending budget you need.


You’re now fully living on decentralized digital cash, without having to trust a custodian! Of course, we’d rather you just start and finish in Dash always, but we understand different people have different needs. Some people love Bitcoin and want to exclusively use it to save.

That’s more than okay. Your money, your way! But no one should have to struggle to make basic payments, rebalance liquidity channels, trust collections of corporations, or fear having access to their country shut off. We can help with that. You can have your cake and eat it too! ย 

You can save in Bitcoin and spend in Dash.

About the author

Marina Siradegyan

Communications and marketing at DCG. Huge fan of Dash. And cats.