Brand Guidelines

This brand style guide contains everything you need to create a thoroughly recognizable Dash touchpoint. It also offers our valued partners the necessary information to clearly and successfully market their brand in conjunction with ours.

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Dashy Heart

Dashy Peace

Dashy Santa

Dashy Thumbs Up

Dashy Winner

Dashy Wrench

Dashy Jetpack

Dashy Jump

Dashy Laptop

Dashy Megaphone

Dashy Uppercut Dollar

Dashy Uppercut Green Dollar

All images by Dan Sessoms and licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Creative Commons Licence

Freedom for everyone. Exchange value, build applications and create your own economy.

Dash stands for ownership, access, security, and ease.

Dash lets you pay and get paid in a better way, and shape the future of your digital business.

Creative design with values in mind.

A shared experience for individuals, businesses, and developers.

Open for Everyone

As currency is available to all people at nearly any age, geographic location or phase of life, it is imperative that our focus is on ease and simplicity for a global audience. We employ basic colors and intuitive simple user interfaces that prioritize symbolism over heavy usage of text to minimize attrition across language barriers and cultural divides.


Irrespective of the age ranges and its respective technical understanding across different cultures, users will be easily able to engage with Dash as a currency and its products.


Dash design will connect people globally to provide the basic human experiences tied to currency. Designs will strictly avoid any segments or separation between people based on their geography.


Dash as a currency will enable people dictate how they gain value with it. We endeavour to design experiences that will not limit the users in how they spend their Dash.


The Dash consumer experience emphasizes personalization. Messaging focuses on the individual, and application design focuses on a single user experience with a personal connection. Connecting users to their own emotional experience of spending, acquiring and receiving Dash demands design in which the user feels ownership of their experience.

User is the Hero

We design around the “user first” model to make sure that the design conveys the user that this experience is all about them and they are in control.


User and only the user owns their data. We create options to personalize user experience to increase ownership of their actions and adoption of the Dash platform.


Conveying trust throughout the Dash ecosystem requires stable development, intentional design and clear messaging. Dash must stay trust-worthy to the user and the experiences they engage in.


Communication to our customers is necessary for them to make their own accurate decisions. Design must be transparent, balanced and controlled for the user to experience trust in decentralization.


By aligning icons, colors and general aesthetic we are able to keep a continuation of stability in any experience or application. Stability across an ecosystem increases adoption through trusting the experience.


At Dash we insist on easy to use applications and experiences. We believe that users have a large enough hurdle to overcome in adopting crypto currency today and as such we aim to create an approachable engagement with our users.

Simple, Direct & Short

Our designs should provide the quickest pathways to expected results given each specific scenario. Communication directly to users must be crafted with as few words as possible. Outgoing messaging, apps and marketing should be straight to the point and focused on user action or clear communication.

Minimal Design

Our design language is focused on clear user interaction and direction. Designs must minimize any unnecessary elements that are not needed to create their experience. We must also make sure stability is communicated through the simplicity of their experience.


To create a clear tone of voice, we employ simple easy to understand directions, introductions and UI elements. We stay away from over explaining concepts that are simply not important for a user to grasp in order to use the system. When you want a child to turn on a light, it’s easier to flip a switch on a wall, than it is to understand electrical current. Our clear voice attempts to follow that philosophy rather than attempting to educate our users about every facet of cryptocurrency.


We use words that convey trust and transparency in order to maintain and garner trust with our users. To maintain an honest voice within our apps and marketing we do not employ destructive or negative words against other products, currencies or competitors. Our focus is our own offering and the intentions that we have in creating a better user engagement. This tone follows a model that could be similar to a personal tour guide in an uncertain land. Someone that you would trust to both keep you safe as well as take you where you want to go.


In order to create a helpful tone, we have to first accept that not all of our users will grasp every concept all the time. We need to accept that users misunderstand sometimes and have varying degrees of experience. Our tone of helpfulness is applied by taking the pressure off of areas that could be potential complicated. We see this helpful tone similar to a kindergarten teacher introducing students to the alphabet. We want to always convey empathy in our helpful tone that gives users the ability to grow into new learning experiences that could be intimidating. In order to maintain this voice we use simple designs, simple messaging and communicate as a helper that will remain by their side.


In order to establish a deep user connection and increase user trust, we employ a friendly voice in every message and on every screen. We accomplish this by celebrating moments that otherwise could be considered utilitarian. We use simple forward moving encouraging words to convey friendly approachability. We want our users to believe that Dash products are on their side. We are not a corporation trying to trick people in to products, we are a helpful friendly friend that is easy to approach and connect with. Our friendly voice is similar to a great conversation over coffee with a good friend that you can share with.


We use a conversational tone in all of our messaging in order to create maximum approachability. We prioritize clear one on one style of communication to alleviate fears in new users which are natural toward crypto currency. Conversational messaging allows for us to communicate important events whether positive or negative through a universally understood experience.


Dash Blue


RGB: 0, 141, 228
CMYK: 76, 38, 0, 0
PMS: 2925c
Hex: #008de4

Deep Blue


RGB: 1, 32, 96
CMYK: 100, 94, 31, 29
PMS: 534c
Hex: #012060

Midnight Blue


RGB: 11, 15, 59
CMYK: 100, 96, 41, 53
PMS: 5255c
Hex: #0b0f3b



RGB: 17, 25, 33
CMYK: 82, 71, 59, 75
PMS: Black 6 C
Hex: #111921



RGB: 120, 120, 120
CMYK: 54, 46, 45, 11
PMS: Cool Gray 9 C
Hex: #787878



RGB: 255,255,255
CMYK: 0, 0, 0, 0
PMS: -
Hex: #ffffff



Ideal for headlines, titles and main headings in both print and digital. Look to the lighter weights in the family when using at 35pt or above.

Open Sans

Used for body copy, both online and offline. Open Sans can be used up to 18pt, then look to Montserrat for headings.

Roboto Condensed

Roboto Condensed is ideal when space is at a premium in application GUIs.



Images should have people of all ethnicity and should include people from all over the world.


Images should contain people and their faces for a more human approach.


Images should look realistic and more practical. Emotions in the images should be toned down.

In Action

Images should show people in action using the Dash product that the image is referring to.


People in the images should be friendly and appealing to others