Download Geometry Dash for iPhone

With the fever of smartphones, today there are thousands of applications and games that we can download and buy through virtual stores. The truth is that more and more smartphones are being manufactured with greater performance, so that game developers have free rein to continue improving each of their products.


One of the games that we find available for mobile platforms is Geometry Dash. It is not exactly a game that is characterized by its graphics section, since it has a rather retro aspect, but stands out for its originality and complexity in the content.

Geometry Dash is a 2D platform game like the old school ones, but it takes advantage of the evolution of technology to create a truly attractive game that lives up to the expectations of all players.

Main characteristics

In this particular game, we are in charge of controlling a square, and the objective is for that square to reach its destination in each of the screens. Obviously, we will find ourselves inside with different levels and each time the difficulty will be greater to be able to fulfill our objectives and progress within Geometry Dash.

As we can imagine by its name, geometric figures are the clear protagonists of Geometry Dash, and the truth is that at first, we will think it is a game or very easy, but we will quickly realize that the difficulty increases considerably.

The challenge to overcome each screen is increasing and what at the beginning are simple movements to move forward, ends up being a real strategy game in which we must think carefully each movement to not complicate the existence within Geometry Dash.

Download Geometry Dash for iPhone

The game that is becoming an authentic revolution in the world of smartphones is now available for devices with Android, iOS and Windows Phone, so if you have a smartphone, you can probably enjoy Geometry Dash.

In the case of having an iPhone, you simply go to the App Store and look for the game by name, you will see how quickly the application appears on the front line. It is a paid application since App Store has a cost of 1.79 euros, but inside you will find a host of challenges and fun that will not go unnoticed.


In Geometry Dash we must take control of the square to achieve all the objectives. We can share the results in social networks so that our friends know what we are made of and compete with each other to see who is the first one who is capable of exceeding all levels within the game.

It must be said that although it is for iPhone, the iPad version is also available, and through the Apple tablet, it is easier to have more precise control of our square. Think that buying the game for one of the devices, you will automatically have it in the other one in case you have it, and keep the same account.