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Since the evolution of Android gaming platform, billions of games have been launched by developers, but only a few have really made their place in the heart of gamers. Many games evolved which had exhibited single run from left to right side but not all got the glory and place in users heart. Only a few games had the potential to really challenge a gamer’s reflexes. Geometry Dash is one of such game which was launched keeping in focus the expectations of the gamers who wanted an adventurous and tough game but in a simple yet superlative manner. The game was developed by Sweden based developer Robert Topala and launched in 2013 by his company RobTop Games.

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Geometry Dash
 is actually a rhythm based game which currently offers 21 official levels and each level has its own unique background music. The object in each level is to move from left side of the map to the right and the game’s momentum doesn’t let the moving object to stop. The developers have included easy as well as tough levels for the fans of this genre so that it can be enjoyed on a vast level.

The presentation of the game is very technical and no one can raise questions about its graphical competence. Basically, the game uses shapes and multiple colors along with the rhythmic soundtrack. The themes are very catchy and support the back ground music matching the current gameplay. The best part is that the game faces no lags during the game play and you can rest assured that due to a bug error, you don’t have to start the level from scratch. Since there is no turning back once you start running, the developers keep on updating the bugs and errors fixed frequently.
There are many games in the market with high resolutions and power-packed storyline, but all of them have a limited life. Once you cross all the levels and reach the end, it doesn’t remain of any use and you uninstall the game seeking for another one. But Geometry Dash is one of its own kinds because without the story the game gives you goose-bumps as the levels crafted in the game are full of surprises and adventures. The developers claim that you will never get bored playing this game because apart from the main game, they are offering you to create your own levels and share. There are also offering the platform where you can share with your friends each level’s clip as you finish them.
The game can be purchased from most of the app stores, but you can also download full version of the game online from various sites. There are many versions of the game like Geometry Dash lite and meltdown which can be downloaded free. Many sites provide hacked apk of geometry dash and full version of geometry dash which has all the levels unlocked.

The alluring FEATURES of the game-

Customized Characters – There are some great features of the game that really sets it apart from others in the same genre. The most advertised feature of the game is its customizable characters as the players can choose their favorite shape and color of character across various levels and additionally the players can unlock icons which can be used for adding funny faces to their characters. Therefore, once you are even a little bit skeptical that your favorite shape has gone haywire, just go for another one.

– As the developers have given emphasis on creating a better graphical world apart from giving a storyline, it was a necessity that the designs of the game should be unique. The tough designs of each level may result in the player getting stuck in it for a long time, therefore to master the levels, a nice practice mode is also added to the game. It offers players to learn the patterns of the level without dying constantly. Users have to learn the patterns to cross the difficult levels and this is where your skills are tested. More you get used to playing the difficult levels, more often you get creative about designing the levels in the level editor mode.

 Level Editor – One of the major features of the game is its built-in level editor. In this mode, players can create their own levels and share it with rest of the world. This feature so well designed by the developers that users get the access to every inventory and control to create their own world of Geometry Dash.

 – The best and most classified feature of this game comes from its sound. Superb soundtracks at different levels which are synchronized so beautifully that sometimes you will feel it’s the sound that is moving the whole scenario. The rhythmic movement of the particle explains how much effort is put on ensuring the graphics and sound go well together.Graphics – Every inventory in the game is filled with animated colors which look more vibrant against the black background. The developers have given a lot of emphasis on the color combination. This was done mainly to ensure that the game will look lively even if the phone specifications are not of good quality. Simple animated figures with good graphics placed it in the heart of gamers. While playing the game you can feel that an old classic game has gone live.

The graphics and sound tracks of the game are undoubtedly the strength of the Geometry Dash and have also received 10 out of 10 from all the major game critics on these criteria. What can be better than a game play with full of vibrant colors and exceptional soundtracks that can run even on low specification mobile phones and tablets? Geometry Dash has achieved its technical classic game status by focusing on the requirements of the users and not some fuzzy storyline or extravagant drama. If you are really good at gaming and like to challenge yourself, you don’t choose very high definition games or storylines, you always search for a game like Geometry dash to reach the satisfaction level.

 Game play –  The main objective of the game is to complete all the levels collecting the scattered and hidden coins and reach the end. There is no story in the game and frankly, the game of this much potential really don’t need one. It’s all about the timing and rhythm that you follow because the users can’t control the speed of the object. The most challenging part is that the user has to start from the beginning if died in the middle of the level. All the levels are unlocked from the start except the three Demon levels that are available in Geometry Dash 2.0 and 2.1 full versions only.

Game levels
 – There are 21 official levels in the game, 18 of which are unlocked from the start. Few of these levels are easy to get through but some are so tough that you need to do a lot of attempts and have the mastery to get through those levels. Apart from this, the built in level editor has given this game some of the toughest levels from its users and achieving them means you are really strong with your reflexes.In the gameplay, there are certain achievements as well which the users have to unlock to receive rewards in form of icons and multiple coins which can be used further to unlock various features of the game. The game also features three secret vaults, which are unlocked after getting special coins, as the first is unlocked by getting silver user coins, diamonds gets you to the second vault and third can be unlocked through the emblem. The vault display screen where you can write the codes you get after unlocking the vault to get awarded with different icons and coins.

You can cross all the 18 unlocked levels far easily but the real challenge is in those Demon levels and for that, you need to download the full version of Geometry Dash 2.0 and above. The customized levels are somewhat more difficult than the official levels because it has been crafted by the users after facing many challenges to cross each level. Even Robert Topala, the founder of Geometry dash said that sometimes he comes across such excellent customized levels that even he never imagined can exist in this game.Therefore, if you really consider yourself a hardcore gamer, you can really prove your worth through this game.

Versions – In recent years, RobTop Games have launched different versions of the game like Geometry Dash Lite where you can play the normal levels to get an idea of the real game and understand the patterns of the levels. Other versions include Geometry dash World and Geometry Dash Meltdown which have also been very popular and they can be downloaded from the app store absolutely free. Both of these versions include 3 levels and 2.1 icons making the game very challenging and addictive.
These versions are graphically enhanced but limited to few levels only. The themes designed in the new versions are noticeable and appreciating. The game play is absolutely same as that of original Geometry Dash and here also you can’t control the speed of the game. Instead of spikes in the original one, here you have to face molten lava and to survive that you need to jump through high towers to finish the level.


Reviews about the game –

 Since the launch in 2013, the game has seen many upgrades from the RobTop company which displays that gamers are expecting more and more features in this game on a regular basis. Most of the top gaming sites have marked this game as “Musical Adventure” because it has offered a unique feature of rhythmic soundtracks. The game critics consider that this game can really test your patience level and its hard-hitting levels can really make to pull your hairs out.
The game has earned appreciation from most of the critics because it does not mimic other games of the same genre. The unique quirky hero who tries to reach the end of the level jumping endlessly can’t be found in other games and this has made the game a big hit in recent years. The game has grabbed several splendid remarks from famous critics and game sites, therefore expectations have also increased from the RobTop company.
Not only Geometry Dash, its limited versions like Geometry Dash World and Geometry Dash Meltdown have also gained noticeable popularity. The developers expected that gamers will appreciate different themes, therefore, they kept the original version intact and developed the meltdown and world version which are not only graphically fabulous but also they kept these versions absolutely free.The lite version created for the first-hand experience is also a great initiative as the company is quite confident that after handling the lighter version, the game lovers will surely crave for the Geometry Dash full version where they can show their expertise.
It is true that the game is confined to a separate group of game lovers who like to play this genre because different gamers have different genre tastes. Even if someone who loves racing or arcade, download this game, he may not be able to continue his saga in this game because it needs complete dedication to cross the level. Due to this, the game might get the appreciation from everyone but it will lack the potential to be there in one’s phone for a long time.
Despite this, the game has been a huge success on mobile gaming platform and has also made its place in computers and macs. On the big screens also the game exhibits similar features and graphics. With this, you can estimate the fan following of this game that the developers have to launch it on big screens too.
Gamers have experienced almost everything on their mobile phones, whether it’s a superhero, sports cars or famous sports player, what they need is a challenge to enhance their own skills and the Geometry dash developers got that nerve of the gamers and launched one of the most challenging games of the world. This is a game where luck plays zero part, it’s all about your skills and instant reflexes that can make you a winner in this game.
If you think you can really command your patience level, this game really needs to be there in your game arsenal. With its firm graphical and sound elements this is one of the unique game you would have experienced till now. The game gained its popularity when the developers updated it with different features because they realized that endless running will only make it just like other games of this genre. There was immense pressure on the developers on how to make this game unique. Their plan of giving the control of editing levels to the gamers really made the difference. Now the users can show their expertise in the field of game editing as well.

Download Geometry Dash apk:

 Although there are not many official stages launched till now, still you can experience many custom made levels for which you just need to go for Geometry Dash full version. For your ease with this little know-how about the Geometry Dash, below is the link from where you can download it hassle-free. You can easily download the game from the link provided and let your imagination with game skills and tactics work.

Download Link – Geometry Dash 2.1 Apk
Download Link Geometry Dash 2.0 Apk

Although you need to download the latest versions to experience all the features of the game because if you download an older version, that might not be able to offer as many features as the new versions.

How to Install– Just a few simple steps are required to install the game. These are:
⦁    GO to file manager in your device.
⦁    Search for the game file you have downloaded
⦁    You’ll see the installation page. Accept all their terms and conditions and within few seconds the game will get installed in your device.
Once the game gets installed you can sink your Google account with Geometry Dash so that you can share your achievements and scores with your friends. The extra perk of doing so is you can share your customized levels with other gamners as well.


With so many features, this game is worth playing once so that you can experience the magnificent combination of graphics and sounds which are mostly absent in the games of this genre. you can download it from many sites as prescribed and be assured, you will get all the features in the hacked Geometry Dash as well. The game has been crafted free for the users by many gaming sites because the popularity demanded it. Just reach the site, click on download tab and install the game. The simple gestures of the game are surely going to enhance your gaming experience and you might want to download it for your personal computer.
Geometry Dash Lite and Geometry Dash Meltdown have been launched separately and can be downloaded freely at Android and iOS platform. But to experience the real Dash, you need to download the original version because these versions are launched just to give you the glimpse of what the developers have in their arsenal for the original Geometry Dash. Downloading Geometry Dash online is not a big task as many sites are offering the hacked version of the game absolutely free. Now, you can play the graphically enhanced classic geometry dash without paying for it. And believe it or not, this game is a unique gem in its genre. Therefore, if you want to test your reflexes, sit back, put on headphones and start tapping the screen of Geometry Dash and beat down all the challengers across the platform.


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